Mechanical Instrumentation
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2 Dimensional dynamic nano-indentation and scanning system


2 Dimensional dynamic nano-indentation and scanning system

Full Dynamic Nano-Indentation Capability. Lateral Dynamic Contact Stiffness enabling Poisson’s Ratio Determination from two-dimensional elastic contact theoretical analysis
Multi-scale Morphology Measurement over a 50mm X-Y scan range with nanometer resolution over full range .Ultra-soft Materials Characterization over 4mm depth measurement with nm resolution , enables use of pyramidal (vs flat) probes


One of the key unique features of the Morphoscan 2D is its ability to measure both the normal and lateral contact stiffness continuously during the indentation or scanning process.

During an indentation test, this enables the determination of the Poisson’s ratio when applying elastic contact theoretical analysis (Mindlin, Johnson).

The graph below presents the evolution of the Normal and Lateral contact stiffness during a Berkovich indentation of a very soft gel sample. The very low noise on the stiffness measurements and the long range, nanometer resolution depth measurement enable this unique measurement

2 dimensional nanoindenterAbility to measure isotropic mechanical properties at nanoscale
Dynamic capabilities up to 300 HzAccess to viscoelastic properties
2nd harmonic detectionUse of Loubet/ Guillonneau model to extract properties when displacement isa challenge
250 °C temperature rangeCovering polymeric and bio applications
xy table working on the complete temperature rangeMicro positioning accuracy at any temperature
xy table with nanometric resolution on the complete displacement rangeAbility to perform multiscale morphological scanning
Dynamic contact stiffness lower than 10N/mDetection of materials in the KPa range
Labview© softwareAbility to create and add your own VI